Be active

A whole lifetime

Exercise always provides the perfect physical balance: active, lively, and getting your pulse going in the morning, or bringing you back into balance in the evening.
The best fitness studio possible is nature itself, and we have plenty of that.

Active and fit on holiday: sporty possibilities in and around Gmachl

The Genussdorf Gmachl offers a wonderful combination of nature and sport for active holidays in the province of Salzburg.

We have wonderful natural running routes, fabulous mountains for hiking and mountain biking, golf courses nearby, our own tennis courts, and lakes and ski areas in the near vicinity. Everything is possible in and around the Wellness Hotel Gmachl.

Radurlaub im Genussdorf Gmachl in Bergheim
Active & Salzburg
Be active. A lifetime long.

Winter holidays at the Genussdorf Gmachl

The Wellness Hotel Gmachl will surprise you with a wide variety of activities for winter holidays. The city and province of Salzburg offers a whole range of exciting recreational activities aside from skiing and cross-country skiing.