Time for couples

During a massage together or romantically in the Private SPA Suite

Private SPA120 min.€ 140,--

Simply special. The intimate DorfSPA experience in our Private SPA Suite.

Spacious whirlpool, sauna or steam bath and a cozy resting bed. Sparkling wine, soft drinks and culinary surprises accompany your time together. Price per couple.

Private SPA & Massage120 min.€ 240,--

45 minutes synchronic aromatic oil massage with our fruity "Time Together" oil mixture.

Relaxing in the private spa room with herbal bath and cocktails. Price per couple.

You & Me70 min.€ 185,--

Fine skin through a cleansing peeling in the steam shower.

The joint back massage gives double strength. And closeness. Take a pleasant rest with champagne and chocolates. Price per couple.

Friends time80 min.€ 140,--

20 minutes back massage, 45 minutes classic cosmetics.

An intensive exchange of ideas between friends with a fruit cocktail should not be missed out - of course not.

Tip: Don't forget your mobile phone. It is possible to connect the Private Spa cabin
with your mobile phone to play your own music.