Massages, body treatments, yoga & ayurveda

Massages and therapies

Whole body massage

Your individual massage.
Whole body massage individually tailored to your needs.

45 min. € 75,-

Foot reflexology

By activating your self-healing powers through your foot, you bring your body back into a good balance.
Complaints are balanced.

45 min. € 75,-

Balance massage

Vitalizing head-neck-shoulder massage in combination with a foot reflex zone massage.
Supports a positive energy flow.

45 min. € 75,-

Aromatic Oil Massage

Relax and really let go.
The full body massage with your chosen fragrance relaxes your body and enchants your senses.

45 min. € 75,-

Manual Lymph Drainage

It's nice to feel the lightness of being.
The reason for this body feeling are gentle rhythmic movements that activate your lymph flow and thus trigger a decongestive effect.

45 min. € 75,-

Fascia Massage

Relieves tension and regenerates.
A combination of fascia therapie with lymph massage, connective tissue massage, cupping.

75 min. € 119,-

Partial Hot Stone Massage

Warm herbal oil activates the body.
In interaction with the Tibetan stones, the entire muscle apparatus is loosened. Relaxed noticeably.

45 min. € 88,-

Whole Body Hot Stone Massage

Warm herbal oil activates the body.
In interaction with the Tibetan stones, the entire muscle apparatus is loosened. Relaxed noticeably.

75 min. € 135,-

Herb Stamps Massage

Alpine heat stamps provide pleasant deep relaxation.
Herbal oils from the mountains make your skin silky soft.

45 min. € 108,-

Lomi Lomi Nui

Feel joy of life and security.
A feel-good rhythm of dance, scent and undulating massage movements brings harmony.

90 min. € 165,-

Alpine Whole Body Massage

Individual full body massage.
Our alpine guide brings the treatments to the point. Naturalness becomes tangible through our natural products.

75 min. € 119,-

Massages (Rituals)

Bye Cellulite

During the peeling process, the active ingredients counteract the unloved little pads.
The subsequent cellulite massage brings the active ingredients deep into the skin and actively stimulates the metabolism.

45 min. € 88,-

Sports massage

Treat your body to relaxation and recuperation after sports or physical exertion, starting with a back massage.
Followed by a foot massage while a regenerating mud pack gives your back additional strength.

45 min. € 88,-

Deep relaxation

A cleansing sea salt peeling caresses and cleanses your skin.
Afterwards, enjoy a relaxing, gently balancing feel-good massage with warm aromatic oil.

75 min. € 119,-

Spoiled from head to toe

For new energy.
Soothing full body and regenerating foot reflex zone massage.

75 min. € 119,-

Expectant mothers

Simply relaxing

  • Pedicure with varnish
  • Relaxing massage (Head- shoulder- and neck area in sedentary position)

70 min. € 112,-

Body treatments

Body Wrap of your choice

In the soft-pack bed with a body wrap of your choice

  • Rose: harmonizing, relaxing
  • Lavender: calming, disinfecting, cleansing
  • coconut mint: skin caring, balancing
  • Honey Ginger: refreshing, invigorating
  • Swiss stone pine: sleep-inducing, calming

Athletes love the "Moor for the back":
Additional cooling clay pack for the legs. Perfect for pleasant regeneration after sport or physical exertion.

➔ Tip: For a more intensive care experience, we recommend a cleansing sea salt peeling before each pack. (+ 20 min. € 45,-)

20 min. € 45,-

Thalasso Detox

With an activating peeling your skin is ideally prepared for the detoxifying pack.
100% pure, natural, micro-pulverised algae have a mineralising and metabolism-stimulating effect. Water retention and fat deposits are specifically treated. Your wellbeing is lastingly increased, your body is activated and purified.

45 min. € 88,-

Herbal experience

In the Soft-Pack bed.
After the peeling the body gets harmony and new freshness with a revitalizing healing chalk pack and harmonizing alpine herbs.

45 min. € 88,-


Thai Yoga

Doing yoga correctly brings your body, soul, and spirit into harmony, reduces stress, strengthens the flow of energy and promotes mobility.
Individual yoga lessons are targeted specifically to your own needs.

75 min. € 119,-

Yoga Private Lessons

Seeking out the inner centre.
Bring your body, mind and soul back into harmony with our Yoga teacher.

50 min. € 75,-


Ayurveda, probably the oldest health doctrine in the world, originating in India. "The knowledge of long & healthy life" sees the human being as an inseparable whole - body, mind & soul. We are very pleased to have one Ayurveda expert in our house, Mr. Mag. David Batra. As our guest you will experience Ayurveda in its original way, adjusted to your personal basic type.


The soft whole body massage with high quality ayurvedic oils.
It will harmonise and detoxify, promoting relaxation and a greater sense of wellbeing.

80 min. € 150,-


A beneficial combination of a whole body massage and Ayurveda oil on the forehead.
A very effective method of detoxification, relaxation, and harmonisation of the nervous system.

90 min. € 165,-


A very refreshing treatment for your body and soul.
Specially coordinated massage and mobilisation techniques, which take into account to the energy pathways and vital points.

80 min. € 150,-