Balance Alpine 1000+ beauty treatments

Our vitality concept of the Best Alpine Wellness Hotels uses only exclusive herbs,
that grow at an altitude of least 1.000 meters.

The medicinal herbs are harvested in the alps of Mariazell.
Due to the high altitudes, the associated weather and environmental influences, the plants are highly effective.

Balance Alpine 1000+ doesn't use artificial colours or preservatives,
mineral oils, paraffins or parabens.

→ Suitable for all skin types.

Natural Facial Treatments

Vital power

Suitable for all skin types.
Cleansing, peeling, deep pore cleansing or relaxing facial massage, mask, final care.

45 min. € 92,-

Balance Alpine 1000+ massage

Weightless relaxation

In the water-floating bed your body is wrapped in the Balance Alpine 1000+ body cream and your chosen herbal essence.
After a refreshing peeling, the Soft-Pack lounger gives you the feeling of floating. Absolutely deeply relaxing. Your skin feels silky soft.

45 min. € 87,-

Fascia Massage

Relieves tension and regenerates.
A combination of fascia therapie with lymph massage, connective tissue massage, cupping.

75 min. € 119,-

Alpine whole body massage

Individual full body massage.
Our alpine guide brings the treatments to the point. Naturalness becomes tangible through our natural products.

75 min. € 119,-

Tip for home: Balance Alpine 1000 + body cream with regenerating evening primrose oil,
provides intensive moisture and helps to protect the skin barrier.

Herbal essences

supports the regeneration

Wild Thyme
stimulates the blood circulation
protects against environmentally induced skin aging

increases energy and vitality

strengthening connective tissue
wound healing

The essences are individually adapted to
your type and added to the products.