Measures to tackle COVID 19 in Genussdorf Gmachl

Dear Guests,

Even though our lives have changed in so many ways, for us here as your hosts in the Hotel Genussdorf Gmachl one thing
remains completely unaffected – that pleasure of enjoying time together is something very special.
It takes attentiveness for yourself and others to keep this going.

Yours attentively,
The Gmachl family – aiming to make you happy


Proof for your arrival

In order to be able to start your holiday carefree,
it is essential that you have one of the following three forms of proof for your arrival:

- Negative test result
Antigen test - valid 48 hours from testing
PCR test - valid 72 hours from testing

- Proof of vaccination
valid after the second vaccination

- Confirmation of having had Covid disease
within the last 6 months


(During your stay, you can get tested right next to the hotel at the pharmacy).


Those who keep their distance show appreciation.

Physically, we ought to keep a distance of at least 1 meter from one another everywhere.
We can appreciate this feeling of proximity all the more in Genussdorf Gmachl.

No handshakes for the time being

We welcome you with a smile, a gesture or some other non-contact form of welcome.

The emphasis is on hygiene

This has always been a real core theme here with us. Hygiene is part and parcel of an appreciation of each other.
In the restaurant, in Dorf Spa and in the rooms.

Fresh air does you good

There are so many wonderful places in and around our Genussdorf.
Put simply, fresh air does you good and is invigorating for the senses. Make the most of the natural surroundings during your holiday in Salzburg to re-energise.

Private spaces are precious

With the new Private Spa and the new Dorf Spa suites you get to stay amongst you and your loved ones and friends.
More information about “privacy” is available from our Reception Team.

Togetherness is the most important thing

Respectful #togetherness, always attentive.