Beauty treatments in the Herbal Spa

Revitalising facial treatments

Beauty Express45 min.€ 67,--

Beautiful in a short time

The perfect short treatment. Thanks to highly effective active ingredients, this is ideal for a variety of different complexions. The treatment combines ionisation with ultrasound and active ingredient cosmetics in a unique way: cleansing, peeling, ampulla, absorption of active ingredients, mask and final cream treatment. Lymph circulation is stimulated and skin structure is smoothed.

Microdermabrasion Plus90 min.€ 145,--

Perfection of peeling

Crystals remove callosities and dead skin flakes. The skin gets an impulse to regenerate and uncovers a new, soft skin. The cell regeneration is stimulated. The additional ultrasound treatment has an warming effect and stimulates the skin. The result is a visible skin smoothing and rejuvenation. For an effective procedure of wrinkles, sun damages, acne scars & pigment spots.

Wellness for him - MEN Quick50 min.€ 68,--

The masculine fresh enjoyment

Cleansing, peeling, herbal steam, removal of impurities, mask and cream.

Wellness for him - MEN Time Out Intense80 min.€ 89,--

Intense enjoyment

Deep pore cleansing, brush peeling massage, herbal steam, removal of impurities, ampoule, cell activating facial massage, mask, and concluding care.

Beautiful & well looked after - Day make up0 min.€ 25,--

Put your body perfectly in scene with the Gmachl beauty team!

Tip: Combine make up with a soothing facial treatment.

Beautiful & well looked after - Evening make up0 min.€ 35,--

Put your body perfectly in scene with the Gmachl beauty team!

Tip: Combine make up with a soothing facial treatment!

Facial treatments Maria Galland

Thalasso Peel Off85 min.€ 112,--

Pure moisturising & cooling

This pleasant cooling and purifying sea algae mask freeze the skin from negative effects of the environment and provides optimum circulation and an extra portion of moisture. The perfect short break holiday for your skin!

Butterfly cocoon85 min.€ 112,--

Regenerating & soft peeling

Tailor-made to your individual skin needs, we conjure up with the help of a gauze cocoon and moisturising foam a wonderful harmonious effect in your face. Refuel on energy and enjoy being pampered.

Classic facial treatment80 min.€ 89,--

Caring & synthesising

Innovative care products with regenerating powers quickly reveal their effects. Your skin appears visibly relaxed and smoother.

Radiant eyes0 min.€ 32,--

Decongesting & firming

Treat yourself to some special eye care alongside your individual facial treatment.
Only available in combination with a facial treatment.

Gmachl Lifting Deluxe85 min.€ 145,--

Cleansing & stimulating

All Maria Galland – face treatments include:
Deep cleaning, peeling, vaporize, removing uncleanness, eyebrow plucking, serum, face-, neck-, and décolleté massage, special mask and final care.

Facial treatments Dr. Barbor

Ultimate Face Lifting85 min.€ 145,--

Aimed at firming up the skin

Highly effective active ingredients and an innovative treatment method for tired skin showing symptoms of stress and loss of tautness.
Cleansing, vitality check, enzyme peeling, steam treatment followed by removal of impurities, eyebrow plucking, Dr Babor ampoule with stimulating pinching massage, collagen fleece mask with pressure point massage and lifting mask, eyecare and concluding cream treatment.

Vitamin Power Detox85 min.€ 112,--

Focus: strengthening the skin

Supports your metabolism and activates cell production. Ideal for sensitive and irritated skin.
Cleansing, vitality check, enzyme peeling, steam treatment followed by removal of skin impurities, eyebrow plucking, Dr. Babor ampoule, facial massage, mineral peel off mask, eye patches, lip care and concluding cream treatment.

Neuro Sensitive50 min.€ 89,--

Main focus sensitive skin

The Neuro sensitive treatment is exactly the right choice with very sensitive, allergic & dry skin. Also with Neurodermitis. At regular use the skin is calmed with lasting & balanced effect . Itch, redness as well as irritations are reduced obviously. The skin recovers faster & the feeling of tension clearly decreases. The products are free of preservatives, paraben, mineral oils & synthetic colorings.

Cleaning, enzyme Peeling, Thermal Tonic, active component ampoule, serum, small facial massage, milk-sound mask and final cream.

Anti Couperose50 min.€ 89,--

Cleaning, enzym liquid peeling, ultrasonic, gentle lymph stimulation, couperose serum, masc and cream.