Body treatments at the Wellness Hotel Gmachl

Treat yourself to the best that nature can offer

Gmachl PURE50 min.€ 65,--

Silky soft and weightless

Enjoy the effects of a warm sea salt peeling followed by a body pack in the weightless environment of a soft pack bed. The active substances are absorbed into the skin perfectly, surrounded by wonderful essences and oils. A truly unforgettable experience!

Choose a pack from the following list that compliments your peeling treatment:

Rose Pack

Intense, moisturising, and regenerating

Night light

Ideal for very dry and sensitive skin, neurodermitis and psoriasis

Pumpkin seed oil

Purifying and stimulating metabolism

Rügen healing chalk

Cleansing and beneficial to the musculoskeletal system

Salzburg natural moor

Intensive heat therapy, ideal for muscular complaints and rheumatic pains

Bergheimer organic hay

Gentle heat therapy, promoting blood circulation and the circulatory system

Baths20 min.€ 30,--

Pure relaxation

Baths not only serve the purpose of looking after your body, but are also ideal for simply letting go.

Choose your favourite type of bath:

  • Algae bath
  • Cleopatra bath
  • Rose oil bath

Beautiful silhouette

Body Spa Wrap50 min.€ 75,--

Silky smooth silhouette

After the peeling, any problem zones are wrapped, with extracts of yellow poppy, coffee, guarana, aloe vera, and green algae. These firm up and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Thalasso Detox50 min.€ 72,--

Detoxify and deacidify

100% pure, natural, micro-powdered mineral rich algae stimulates metabolism and moisturises. Water collections and fat deposits can be dissolved in a targeted way, and your skin benefits from the valuable elements, minerals, and vitamins. Your feeling of wellbeing is increased in a lasting way, and your body feels re-energised and detoxified.

Cellulite ade50 min.€ 72,--

Firmer body contours

The active substances start acting against unattractive little patches straightway with the peeling. Thanks to the cellulite massage that follows, the active ingredients are channelled deep into the skin where they promote metabolism. The results: firmer body contours and soft skin.