Terms of Use

WLAN Internet access at Hotel Gmachl GmbH (Guest-LAN)


  • The use is free of charge and limited to the duration of the presence on the premises of the Hotel Gmachl GmbH. Hotel Gmachl GmbH cannot guarantee the actual availability of the internet access. The code may not be given to third parties.

  • By issuing the code the Hotel Gmachl GmbH does not assume any obligations. The use is subject to the technical possibilities. In particular, the user has no right to use the Internet Guest-LAN in any particular way or for any particular duration.

  • Herewith any liability, especially for warranty and compensation (except for intent and bodily injury), is excluded. In particular, no liability is assumed for the content of accessed websites or downloaded files. Furthermore, no liability is assumed for any virus infestation through the use of the Internet Guest LAN. The user expressly acknowledges that the Internet Guest-LAN exclusively enables access to the Internet, but does not include any virus protection or firewall.

  • Calling up pages with illegal content and distributing illegal or legally protected content is prohibited.

  • In particular, the user is expressly prohibited from using the Internet Guest-LAN to download or otherwise distribute copyrighted content.

  • Any misuse of the Internet Guest-LAN, especially a use which may result in disadvantageous legal consequences for third parties or the Hotel Gmachl GmbH, is prohibited.

  • Should the Hotel Gmachl GmbH be exposed to claims of third parties due to the use of the Internet Guest-LAN by the user for any reason, the user is obliged to indemnify and hold the Hotel Gmachl GmbH harmless in this respect.

  • In case of violation of the terms of use or in case of suspicion of a violation the use of the Internet Guest-LAN can be blocked at any time without giving reasons. Liability for loss of data is expressly excluded.