Gourmet board: A culinary festival

A guesthouse in Salzburg with tradition

Savour life at its finest from sunrise through to sunset.
Gourmet pleasure is feted highly in the Wellness Hotel Gmachl, where the origin of taste is celebrated every day.
From regional produce at breakfast through to delicious creations at the award-winning 5-course evening meal: at the Genussdorf, we know how to look after you.

Sample the Genussdorf: Taste on a plate

Gottfried Götz is the man in charge of the pans in the Genussdorf Gmachl, with his chef’s toque award and plenty of passion. His team in the kitchens cater for the wellbeing of the guests in the Gmachl, gourmet board that you are sure to love.

A special kind of breakfast pleasure
Generous afternoon snack between 14:00 and 16:30
5 course evening meal with choice of menu from our award-winning kitchens

The choice is yours: either overnight accommodation with breakfast, or experience our Gmachl gourmet board.