The village brewery in Genussdorf Gmachl. In Bergheim near Salzburg they enjoy their beer naturally cloudy.

In the village brewery, naturally cloudy beer is brewed according to original artisan techniques.
Using regional raw ingredients, two natural tasting ‘Zwickl’ beers are produced (light, dark) and a tasty wheat beer.

On request our master brewer Hans Seidl lets you in on his many years of experience during
our brewing courses – and there will of course be a few ‘beery’ stories too.

Experience up close what is probably the most popular drink in Austria,
made using precious raw ingredients. Real beer lovers call this an artisan craft.

Wednesday is ‘Zwickl’ day.

From 6.00 - 11.00 pm

The village brewery is only open until the middle of the week. Beer sampling is available (Local and foreign beers served).
And there is of course also a traditional beer snack platter. And that wonderful style you find in the village brewery.

A decent head on a good beer

Our naturally cloudy beers – ‘Zwickl’ light, ‘Zwickl’ dark and our wheat beer are served throughout Genussdorf Gmachl. Cheers to the art of brewing!


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Mitarbeiter in der Brauerei Gmachl in Bergheim
Mitarbeiter in der Brauerei Gmachl in Bergheim
Bierflaschen in der Brauerei Gmachl im Genussdorf in Bergheim